After seeing the work we did with the New Jersey State Golf Association, Executive Director, Bill Moore and Director of Rules and Competitions, Andrew Hickey knew right away that they wanted to work with Lform Design to revamp their website. In its original incarnation, there was virtually no distinction between the homepage and secondary pages. The site was confusing to navigate due to a huge amount of information presented. It was also not responsive. That meant that when viewing it on mobile devices, the quality of the design significantly decreased.


The NYSGA benefited greatly from Lform’s clean, modern design aesthetic. We replaced drab-looking buttons with custom icons and restructured the layout to provide visual clarity and a clear hierarchy of information. Though the same vast amount of content is still available, it never feels crowded or hard to digest. Using Lform’s custom CMS, “The Adminical,” NYSGA is able to easily update and edit their site from text to images. A slideshow with fading transition animation leads the way on a brand new homepage. The registration system allows users the ability to find information and then register for golf events. They can then view detailed scoring results afterwards. The member club directory provides a simple way for users to search for golf courses both public and private throughout the state of New York. In addition, users can register and pay their membership fees for clubs.


From championship schedules and rules of the game to association information and even a “Hall of Fame,” Lform Design and the New York State Golf Association hit a hole in one with this comprehensive site. NYSGA has become a Mecca for all things golf in New York State.

Before & After

The NYSGA is an association of member clubs, represented by over 130 committee members, that exists for the purpose of promoting and conserving the traditions of golf throughout New York State.